Dementia can destroy families all the way out to the extended family. I know from devastating personal experience what dementia can do to a family and had it not been for Shelly Lechter Drews our family situation would have been 100x worse than it was. Shelly was an absolute life saver. Clearly, she is a woman who has found her purpose in life. Not all angels have wings! Thank you Shelly for your caring and dedication!

Linda Machado

I have worked with Shelly for almost two years and have observed the genuine care and concern she has for making sure seniors receive excellent care. She is responsive, observant, and takes initiative in making sure her clients are well cared for.

I have also observed the value Shelly places on creating meaningful, heartfelt connections with people. Clients, caregivers, colleagues, and members of the community have reiterated that same sentiment to me.

Additional qualities I have come to appreciate about Shelly include her honesty and her work ethic. She also has a tenacity for educating herself and the community on the advances in healthcare and the resources available to help those struggling with making important healthcare decisions

Ted Holmgren Owner & Manager
Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale

Shelly Drews has been a tremendous resource for our family. Whether it was the Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale we needed or outsourcing for other care needs including locating long or short-term options. She is educated, caring yet professional, and well versed in the latest options for care available. She is my first call whenever the need arises.

Diane Eans- Snoderly

I have known Shelly for two years and have worked with her in the healthcare industry at many different levels. I have watched her nurture relationships with key people to build a company from the ground up into a very successful entity. She is always going well beyond anyone’s expectations when it comes to assisting those in need. I also served on a committee with Shelly that who was one of two key people in creating that served the community in healthcare education, resources, and collaboration within the industry in order to serve the aging community better. She is an amazing, hard-working, creative, serving individual that any company would be lucky to have on a team or managing a team!

Kind Regards,

April Kyle
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Healthcare Development Specialist

There is no one who cares more about the elderly than Shelly Drews. She is the best advocate for making sure your loved one receives exceptional care… and a tigress on your behalf when the care is less than exceptional. In addition, she has her pulse on the latest treatments and technologies for prolonging quality of life and is responsible for bringing industry leaders together to share best practices.

Sharon Lechter- Your Business Strategist

Shelly is a kind and caring director, who also has a great business mind. She has that wonderful mixture of interacting with people in a thoughtful, yet effective way. At the same time, she knows how to successfully manage an organization. I would recommend her services with confidence.

Kathleen Nightingale