Family Dementia Training

When a loved one is diagnosed with Dementia, one of the most valuable tools we can receive is education and support. Having a foundation with a clear understanding of the disease and the tools that are available can add to the quality of life for the patient and for the family.

  • We Just Got a Diagnosis: What Do We Do Next?
  • When Should We Get Help From Specialists to Help Navigate the Journey of Dementia?
  • What In-Home Service Options Do We Have for Support?
  • How Do We Create a Dementia Friendly Environment?
  • How to Remain Strong While Caring for a Loved One with Dementia!
  • When Do We Place Our Loved One into a Different Living Situation? What Living Options Are There?
  • What is the Best Way to Communicate with a Loved One Who has Dementia?

  • What is the Importance of Getting a Correct Diagnosis for the Type Dementia?
  • When Do We Take the Keys from a Loved One with Dementia?