Dementia is the 4th leading cause of death in Arizona and 6th in the Nation. By the year 2050, this disease is expected to rise from 5.7 Million to over 14 Million diagnosed with this disease. Help My Senior offers a wide variety of education and training regarding Dementia. There is no cure for Dementia. Education and training is our top defense for this complex diagnosis.

Events Have Been Postponed Until Further Notice Due to COVID-19. 

Mission: To educate and empower professionals and families with the latest knowledge and training on aging topics applicable to their individual needs. To assist families and seniors by helping them navigate through the complex healthcare system. 

The heart of Help My Senior is based around encouraging and implementing solutions that create a better everyday life for seniors. Our goal is to empower the care teams allowing for the best quality care. This is done by providing their families with knowledge and resources, building caregivers up for success with education, and supporting senior businesses for growth allowing seniors to be provided the best care possible.


Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care Seminar for the Certified Dementia Practitioner Certification

This NCCDP seminar is the 1st step in allowing you to get certified as a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP). 

Validation Worker Course & Certification

Internet-Supported with 2 in-person trainings:

Naomi Feil is the founder and director in chief of the Validation Training Institute. This training is designed for all who want to learn how to communicate with persons with Alzheimer’s type dementia, want to feel more competent to handle challenging situations, and offer even better quality care to those living with dementia.

Teepa Snow MS, OTR/L, FAOTA


Join us as we welcome Teepa back to sunny Arizona on February 6, 2020. This event will be open to Family Caregivers, Professionals, Sponsors and Vendors and held at the Arizona Broadway Theater for an entertaining conference!



Help My Senior Brain Health Summit May 8th, 2020

A special event focused on sharing all the latest advancements in caring for brain health.

Location: Jewish Community Center  

Vendor & Sponsor Opportunities!

Shelly is one of the most dynamic and impassioned teachers I’ve ever met amongst those who serve the Senior Living/HealthCare industry in Phoenix ~ specifically when it comes to Dementia/Alzheimer’s Training and Support. I’ve attended and often co-sponsored several of her workshops and conferences and like everyone else always come away feeling emotionally and intellectually inspired. In addition to all of her professional talent ~ she is truly a lovely and authentic woman who makes everyone she meets feel valued. I am honored to know her..

Carol Chandler

I saw Shelly speak on Alzheimer’s and dementia at a recent Successful Aging conference. Her knowledge is impressive but what really struck me was the heartfelt way with which she shared information with the mostly elderly audience. Shelly doesn’t just recite statistics and read from slides. She speaks to you, she shares her knowledge (which is vast) with you, and she speaks from a place of knowledge, compassion, and caring.

Andrea Brundage

Shelly Drews is one of the most passionate individuals working in the Senior Healthcare Industry today. Her commitment to improving the lives of seniors by offering the very best in education to the professionals who work with them is unparalleled. Shelly’s depth of knowledge, compassion and innovative solutions are truly making a difference in the lives of seniors! Keep up the good work Shelly! 

Deanna Wilson

– Help My Senior, LLC –

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