We will provide large educational community events for families, professionals, care providers, management, direct care staff and anyone with an aging loved one. We bring in expert speakers and resources to help cover all areas of need in the aging process and have fun doing it!


  • Business Development- Assistance and recommendations toward the goal of creating better P&L’s, marketing strategies, staff evaluations, suggested service/product improvements and training courses.
  • Assisted Living Care Home & Facility Consulting: Evaluations in preparedness for state inspections, staff training, 3rd party family reviews, and program evaluation & enhancement.
  • Client Care Management: Helping families navigate a loved one’s needs, evaluating and identifying care needs, providing recommendations and necessary resources. Communicate with all outside service providers and help hold high service standards as an advocate for the client.


  • Workshops: Educational Series to address care needs
  • Books to help families navigate the healthcare system for loved ones
  • Training Caregivers: Different topics to better equip and mandate a higher level of quality care
    •  Dementia Training: What is it?
    • Normal Aging vs. Dementia
    • How to Handle Behaviors
  • Corporate Offering: Educational Series and personal consulting services for staff needs
  •  We provide individualized care management to help families navigate through the diverse needs of a loved one.
  • We provide staff training and certification specializing in Dementia. We create personalized training programs based on the needs of the facilities or senior business.
  • We also create highly dynamic educational events for the community that allow families in need to have a variety of resources within their reach.